What do you do when cancer turns your life upside down?

Overwhelmed by medical bills and the stress of caring for her three daughters, Lisa Radant turned to Sisters Helping Sisters, a San Leon-based program providing financial aid to women fighting breast cancer. There she didn’t just find financial help but a sisterhood of cancer patients and survivors who lent her their strength.

Today, Lisa is in remission, but her life experienced another upheaval when Hurricane Harvey tore through coastal Texas.

She, like so many others, lost critical time from work due to massive flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey. Yet she considers herself lucky. Many of her friends and family members, including eleven women from Sisters Helping Sisters, lost everything. Houses, gone. Cars, gone. But cancer doesn’t take a break when a hurricane blows through.

Undeterred, Lisa doubled down on her commitment to Be Bold, Be Bald!, raising her goal from $500 to $2,000. Since 2013, Sisters Helping Sisters has put $166,000.00 into the hands of local women battling breast cancer. Now, Lisa is determined to help the sisterhood that helped her. Can you take a moment to support Lisa and Sisters Helping Sisters?

In her own words, Lisa says, “I do it for my grandmother who lost her fight, my daughters who shouldn’t have to fight, and my SHS sisters who are still fighting because, in the end, it’s really about just taking care of each other.”

As Houston rebuilds from Hurricane Harvey, cancer patients are returning to damaged houses, struggling to get back on their feet with the added burden of fighting cancer.

Lisa and her fellow Sisters Helping Sisters volunteers want to help as many of these women as they can – that’s why they’re going bald on October 20th. Help them today by donating to Lisa!