For many who battle cancer, their fight becomes their identity. But while cancer may be what they have, it is not all of who they are. Because strength is so much more than what you see.



When Ashley was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at 25, “the c-word” suddenly became a major factor in her life. Not only was she forced to face a race she wasn’t prepared for, but she was also forced to watch both her parents go through it as well.

With so much out of Ashley’s control, if there was one thing she knew she could do, it was to stand up to cancer and continue to be herself. Because through it all, she may have battled cancer, but she was still a loving daughter, a special education teacher, a singer, and a devoted girlfriend. And while she’s now a survivor, she’s also a 3x marathon runner, wife, and brand new mother.

Join Ashley in going bald for just one day to help the world see that strength is more than meets the eye.