Each year, it seems a new charity, event, or awareness campaign for cancer patients. We love this. 2017 has been an amazing year for cancer research and fundraising. Business owners have been vital in stepping up with programs that support patients, research, new treatments, and loved ones. And in this Golden Age of Start-ups, an incredible trend has emerged: start-ups that focus on life after cancer treatment and post-treatment healing. People are investing in the health of their neighbors, their loved ones, their friends – and here are a few that we love:

  1. This spa owner in Colorado tops our list. She trains her massage therapists in oncology massage treatments for cancer survivors, and provides free massages to cancer patients, their caregivers.

  2.  Sable’s Foods, a Connecticut-based nutrition business catering to cancer patients with protein bars that meet specific nutrional needs. Sable’s Foods was developed by a former oncology nurse, who describes her bars as “designed by the cancer community, for the cancer community.”
  3. Vinnie Myers of Little Vinny’s Tattoos in Maryland – who helps survivors of breast cancer regain their confidence, self-esteem, and mental wellness with his sought-after three-dimensional nipple tattoos. Patients who have had a mastectomy, and don’t want another surgery to reconstruct a nipple, head to Vinnie for a crucial part of their mental and physical recovery.

  4. This spa, Oncology Spa Care Center, which helps current chemotherapy or radiation patients keep some normalcy in their lives – by importing a specific nail polish that helps prevent nails from falling off during chemo sessions. Melanie Jeanteur, the spa owner, is the only distributor of this polish in the United States. Way to go, Melanie.
  5. And last but not least, one of the most important parts of post-cancer recovery: mental health. Cancer patients often feel isolated post-treatment, as they have just gone through a major trauma that many of their loved ones haven’t. That’s why this breast cancer survivor, Rhonda Smith, created a nationwide program of after-cancer-mental health support via retreats, mentoring programs with survivors, and seminars. It’s thriving, and it’s making the world a little easier and lot more loving for cancer survivors.